The Multiple possibilities of Data Cubes.


Data Cube

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The concept of the Data Cube is simple, displays on each side make is versatile and a open compartment make expansion or storage simple. There is nothing complicated about the Data Cube, it is what ever you need it to be. Each monitor can be used independently or in conjunction and the system can be picked up and moved as required.

Data Cubes were built for an initial purpose, but they were not designed for that purpose. They were designed to be flexible, resilient and durable. They were designed to fit a position that was opened by the recent advances in technology. Our goal is two fold: 1) to make the most stable and accessible systems possible with the resources at our disposal. 2) To make a system that can be modified and expanded to support as much of your technology as possible. We don't care (well we actually do! we are here to help you ) if you make drain inspection cameras or medical diagnostic machinery, our goal is to manufacture the platform upon which you can build your technology and get it to its' destination and back. Our goal is to make the best black box system available, and to make it as forward looking as possible. If you only need it to let your office staff work productively we can help you with that, but we will be including a lot of stuff under the hood to make the Data Cube functional for your staff next year and 10+ years, and further down the line.

We want to know what you think, we want to know where our device is failing and we want to know what we can do to make the device better! We may have built this device, but we can not make it open to options without knowing what it needs to be open to. We can not meet all expectation in the next revision, but we will strive over successive generation to meet the needs outlines by you, our users, and to achieve your objectives.

If you have any Fan Art or Concept Art that you would like to contribute, please send it in, we will host it on our website when possible .

Our Goals and aspirations:

We have our goals and we have our obstacles with the Data Cube. Our primary obstacle moving forward is not going to be any manufacturing, hardware or software curves; it will be knock off products. We will start to see competitors doing what we do at lower prices, smaller features, "now with..." marketing; and they will be successful to a certain degree. They will be able to do certain specific tasks better than we will in fast progression: lighter frame, bigger processor, brighter OLED, etc. but they will not be able to do them all simultaneously, and like a growing child we will not shunt our overall development and growth to have one larger arm or one stronger attribute. We will be the industry leader in how rounded we will be, how forward looking we will be and most importantly how well we look after our clients.

What competitors lack is a firm understanding and vision of what this device entails and how it will achieve its end goals. We have a multi-year objective that has specific end goals of what attributes we desire the Data Cube to possess to be able to stand the test of time. We do not see the Data Cube as a quick buck with an exit strategy that many other companies will see these systems as. We see them as a long-term strategy that will permit us to integrate seamlessly into existing industries and infrastructure in a very unique way, allow us to implement the change we want to see in our society. Our core goals are

1) To make life better for our users, all people regardless of age, region or ability.

2) Make an a highly accessible system to make the use of our system better for those with special needs or little computer acumen.

3) To lay a foundation predicated upon prior standardized technology that will permit further building-upon by successive generations of technology in much the same way as building medieval bastions: retain cornerstones and build progressively bigger and more ornate.